In The Battle of Sexuality, Religion Strikes Again

“I hold the church personally responsible for any LGBTQ person who walks away from God and Christianity,” said Candice Czubernat in an article I found. (Link will be provided at the bottom.) I partially agree with this statement. Of course, there is no denying that for a long time, many churches have turned LGBTQ people away because of their sexuality. Of course, seeing as this is a very sensitive topic for many people, I have done my research. In an article called “12 Reasons Gays Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Marry” by a gay man named Brian from Kentucky, he states some of the reasons that people are against gay marriage, which is a little bit different from the whole church thing, but lots of marriages happen in churches, so please bear with me. I’ll include the link at the bottom for further reading, since I don’t want to go too far off topic. Anyway, I feel like I have a bit of a weird standpoint on this issue. On one hand, gay people are people. They shouldn’t even be called ‘gay’ people. They’re the same kind of people as you and I, and I’m as straight as a line. I honestly believe that every generation of humanity has always had something to argue about, and when they’re worn out one subject, they move on to some other topic to argue about. Of course, there are still many problems in society that aren’t about sexuality in the slightest, but it’s always something with our judgmental species. Of course, I’m not saying that this is ‘just a phase’ and people will get over it eventually because that’s just not how it works. Many issues from centuries ago still haven’t been solved, and they still probably won’t be for a very long time, because face it, we humans are assholes and we always have to be right even if it kills us; and it probably will someday.
Anyway, I digress. The whole argument about how homosexuality is against the Christian beliefs is really stupid. I personally believe that a religion has a right to have certain beliefs and stand by them, that’s totally okay, as long as nobody’s getting hurt. But this kind of thing has happened in the past. Remember the splitting of the church in the 1400s? They separated because they had different beliefs. And that wasn’t even it was the first time the church divided, it was the second. The first time the church split was in 1054, which everybody (or most people) tend to forget about. The the famous schism wasn’t even the first one, so why does it have to be last one? If people believe in something, why can’t you all just gather together and form your own church? I mean, come on, the atheists have a freaking spaghetti monster, I think you people could do something about your situation. I understand that it’s morally wrong to turn people away because of their sexuality, but it also isn’t right to force people to change their beliefs. Isn’t that kind of like people trying to force gay people to be straight? A harsh analogy, I know. But I feel it’s the easiest to relate to. Everyone wants something, but nobody really ever thinks about the other side. Good thing I’m on nobody’s side, because I hate most people as a whole anyway.

3 thoughts on “In The Battle of Sexuality, Religion Strikes Again

  1. Brian says:

    I just wanted to point out to your readers that my article “12 Reasons gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry” is satire and an attempt to be funny at the expense of those opposed to gay marriage. 😉


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